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  1. Hello Neighbors,
    We are the Daugherty’s and we recently moved to East Hill Neighborhood this past spring. We love everything about living in East Hill and especially love our 1901 Cottage, large corner lot and location.
    The only thing that we do not like is the occasional inconsiderate drivers that think it is okay to reach very high speeds while driving by our house on 14th ave. I spoken with several of our neighbors and everyone agrees that it is problem. The section of 14th from Gonzales to Cervantes has no stop signs or yield signs and is a very smooth, even stretch of pavement. Most drivers use consideration and caution and drive like they live here. However, there are a few and they drive it more than once every day that would get super speeder tickets if the police were to clock them. Additionally the delivery trucks need to be slowed down (they are all in too much of a hurry) I have spoken with Ryan Novota with the city and he laid out some options for us but they are very involved and will actually cost us money just to pursue. Another suggestion that he had was to contact Pensacola PD and have them install a temporary digital sign that would show drivers their current speed.( This seems like a good idea for starters so I will attempt to get this done).
    In summary, we would like a couple of stop signs installed to slow the traffic down! Stop signs on 14th ave at E De Soto North and south bound. I cannot imagine that there would be an issue with a stop sign at the corner of a school! In fact, why is there no school zone lighting or signs? Is that reserved for public schools only?
    Anyway, I hate to be a complainer but I wouldn’t say anything if it wasn’t a real problem. Please let me know what I can do if anything? I know the city has its rules but this one is a no brainer. I hope you can help us keep this neighborhood safe!
    Thank you all so much!
    Sincerely Joseph & Jennifer Daugherty

    “We Love Living In East Hill”

    1. Hi Joseph & Jennifer, welcome to East Hill! Traffic calming is a subject with much following. Joni McCory has done much work on this topic and has actually gotten traffic to move slower on Blount St. I will get you in touch with Joni. -mike thomas

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