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Parks and amenities in East Hill

Parks & Amenities:
From neighborhood entry signs to city parks the EHNA has an interest in improving and maintaining the quality of life in East Hill. Here is a list of projects Projects Past & Present that EHNA has worked with City Parks & Recreation department. Projects like, new gazebos, picnic shelters, irrigation, sports improvements, dog parks and general park vitality. 


The EHNA fosters community events solely for the purpose of getting to know our neighbors. Examples are movie night, holiday tree lighting, fish fries a biannual home tour (fund raiser). An annual holiday progressive dinner has been offered for members. Connecting with our neighbors is a key to a vital neighborhood. To see upcoming events go HERE

Environmental & Safety

Environment & Safety:
If things like recycling, water quality, crime prevention, traffic calming and gardening interest you. EHNA arrainges speakers and programs in these and other topics that are offered free to the community on a quarterly basis. Check the Events page to see if an upcoming topic is one you would enjoy. Members always get updates on upcoming events. Or subscribe to our email list for updates.

Government Advocacy

Government Advocacy:
The EHNA has an ear out for city and county governmental issues that have an impact on the quality of life in our neighborhood. Things like code changes, code violations traffic calming and right of way changes. EHNA is not a HOA home owners group. EHNA is an advocacy group and as such we do not have the authority to stop for example a code change, but we (the members) can have an opinion that carries weight with the council. EHNA welcomes input, feedback and ideas to improve our neighborhood. You can contact the association board as a group HERE or individually HERE


If you would like to get involved in community activities EHNA is a vehicle to those opportunities. From dog park improvements to city services EHNA is a source to serve others. If you want to volunteer please let us know. Our Board of Directors is open to anyone willing to volunteer time let us know  of your interest HERE.