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What should a neighborhood association do? 

Any one who has been around a neighborhood association for a length of time has made an attempt to answer the question, 'what does it do', 'what's the purpose'? 

Here are a partial list of projects since the association was established. Please let us know what you think. Better yet, if you have an idea please let us know and get involved. 

Entry Sign
Entry Signs: If you driven into East Hill from Graffiti Bridge, Krispy Kreme, Bayou Texar Bridge or 9th & Blount, you have noticed the entry signs welcoming you to East Hill. EHNA funded, got permits and installed all of these entry signs.

Park Improvements: East Hill is blessed with wonderful city parks. EHNA has funded, administered and with the help of volunteers built (slinging hammers and moving shovels) gazebos and picnic shelters at many of our neighborhood parks. Projects have been completed at parks 16th & lakeview, 17th & Gonzalez 10th & Cervantes.

Movie Night
A neighborhood's social life is key to its vitality. EHNA has sponsored a free, open to all, neighborhood movie night. Usually held at Bayview park. Notices are sent to active members but anyone is welcome.

OJ Semmes
East Hill has many neighborhood schools and we love them all. OJ Semmes was chosen as the neighborhood school chosen to partner with. EHNA has donated over $1000 to projects at OJ Semmes. We also sponsored and Free Little Library box at OJ Semmes that was hand-built by one of EHNA's Board Members. Thank you Richard Christine!

Holiday Tree
The Holidays are a special time in East Hill. EHNA funded and with City Parks Department planted a tree at Cordova Square park. In 2019 over 50 East Hillians attended a special lighting ceremony.

CNAPP of Council of Neighborhood Presidents of Pensacola is an association for all of Pensacaola's neighborhood associations. EHNA attends the CNAPP meetings and has a seat in that group.

lions park
Lions Park 1201 East LaRua Street, had a problem with too many home runs. EHNA working with City Parks coordinated the installation of an outfield net.  The City paid for the net and EHNA recruited Eager Beaver to provide a lift so volunteers could install the net. Now kids are safe from home runs as they play on the equipment across the outfield fence. Batter up!

Home Tour2
Every other year EHNA arranges a Home Tour. East Hill homeowners volunteer their homes and the EHNA BoD's has a docent at each home. This is a fund raiser for EHNA with all funds going to support projects in East  Hill. Interestingly, this event also promotes the East Hill brand. It's a feather in your East Hill hat!

Bay Bridge
Have you noticed that a new Pensacola Bay Bridge is being built? Yes we did too and we arraigned to have the FDOT engineer speak at a Quarterly Meeting about the project. Of interest to East Hillians is the North end transition. Can you say round-a-bout? 

new tree
The East Hill Tree Tunnel is known all over Pensacola and some say, the world. EHNA funded and with the help of City Parks, planted a replacement tree for one of the Live Oaks that had failed in the iconic Tree Tunnel. The Tree Tunnel is a key entry to East Hill and EHNA and says a lot about our brand and our appreciation of trees.

dog park
Dog Park. East Hill's Bayview Park is one of Pensacola's premier City Parks. Bayview hosts three different dog parks. EHNA recently led an effort with the support of City Parks parks department to update the parks.