Earth Day

Neighbors join us at Bayview Park for Earth Day April 21st, 10AM.

The theme for Earth Day 2018 is Energy, Transportation, and Sustainability. We will have vendors that will support the theme including share riding, public transportation, hybrid vehicles, wind energy, solar energy, and more. We will have gardening, plants, and water education vendors as well. There will be a designated kids activity area too. Food, music, and yoga are also part of the line up.
Join us Saturday, April 21, from 10 am – 4 pm for Earth Day Pensacola celebration and educational forum.
Earth Day Pensacola is part of a larger effort with Earth Day Network who has developed ways for individuals, families, etc. to become engaged and involved at national and international level to make an impact on helping to protect and save the Earth.
Developed by Earth Day Network, A Billion Acts of Green is an international movement to protect the planet and secure a sustainable future.
Here’s a link to the actions you can take NOW to make a difference.
“The environment faces a multitude of challenges today. From climate change to species extinction, our planet and its inhabitants are continually facing man-made threats that must be averted. Lend your voice to a campaign, and help us work toward a sustainable future.”
Take small steps to help create big actions!
Earth Day 2018 is our moment. It’s your turn to lead.