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Yard Debris

East Hill Residents:

As we are well into the summer schedule of cutting / grooming our yards please be reminded that it is against the City’s ordinance of depositing yard debris into the streets. This includes blowing of leaves and grass clippings into the street. East Hill, let’s keep our streets clean and our storm water collection system free of this debris. If you use a landscaping service, please be sure they are aware of this ordinance.

It is:

City Ordinance, Sec. 4-3-48 – Placement of recyclables, solid waste or refuse in gutters or streets prohibited, declared nuisance.

“The placement or scattering of yard trash, green waste, and/or recyclables, solid waste or refuse in or upon the street gutters, street surfaces, or storm water inlets is hereby declared a nuisance and a danger to water quality and shall be prohibited.”

As a suggestion you might print this and put it in your glove box. Then the next time you see someone blowing leaves, clippings, whatever in the street and leave it there you might call this to their attention in a nice way.

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